The Oppression of Black Males Begins in Pre-School.

The oppression of Black males begins in preschool. Black boys face harsher discipline than their white counterparts. Black boys’ actions are seen in adult terms, similar actions by white counterparts are seen as innocent. Black boys are expelled from preschool at a higher rate than their white counterparts. The school to prison pipeline begins in preschool.

If we want to change how Black males are treated when they reach adulthood, then we ought to change the way they are treated when they are babies. Preschools across the country ought to change their policies as it relates to the education of Black boys! My sons’ experience in preschool was a constant fight. When I talked to other Black parents from various socioeconomic levels, they all told similar stories of the oppression of their Black sons.

To be a parent of a Black boy is to constantly be in struggle against an educational system that is seeking to kill his self-esteem, motivation, and dreams. One scholar asked the question: how do Black boys enter preschool brilliant and leave at risk? The same implicit bias and racism killing Black men is killing Black boys’ sense of self in preschool. If you want to dismantle institutional racism that is killing Black men, then start in preschool!

#Dreamer, Pres of Dreamocracy Learning Lab, Community Literacy Innovator, Literacy Advocate, Children’s Books Expert